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Ahriman 40k datasheet

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Part of the Warhammer 40k universe. Book Short Story. All is Dust by John French. To their foes, Thousand Sons are automata, deadly… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve All is Dust.

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war

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ahriman 40k datasheet

Book 1. Ahriman: Exile by John French. Shelve Ahriman: Exile. Ctesias, an ancient Space Marine and former… More. Shelve Ahriman: The Dead Oracle. Hounds of Wrath by John French. Ahriman, exiled sorcerer of Prospero, encounters… More. Shelve Hounds of Wrath. Book Audio Drama. When his servant Ctesias meets his end, the… More. Shelve Ahriman: The First Prince. Ahriman: Gates of Ruin by John French. Ahriman, sorcerer lord of the Thousand Sons,… More. Shelve Ahriman: Gates of Ruin. Book 2.

Ahriman: Sorcerer by John French.

8th edition guides: Datasheets

Ahriman, greatest sorcerer of the Thousand Sons… More. Shelve Ahriman: Sorcerer. Ahriman: Hand of Dust by John French. On Prospero, a solitary living soul walks across… More. Shelve Ahriman: Hand of Dust. Ahriman: King of Ashes by John French. Once reviled as the most dangerous sorcerer in… More.

ahriman 40k datasheet

Shelve Ahriman: King of Ashes. Book 3. Ahriman: Unchanged by John French. The final installment in the Ahriman trilogy It… More. Shelve Ahriman: Unchanged.It is a corpse rotting slowly from within while maggots writhe in its belly. It was built with the toil of heroes and giants, and now it is inhabited by frightened weaklings to whom the glories of those times are half-forgotten legends. I have forgotten nothing, and my wisdom has expanded far beyond mere mortal frailties.

Ahriman has always sought to better comprehend the nature of his patron Chaos God Tzeentch and of the force of Chaos itself and gain the unrivalled power such knowledge will bring. His action in crafting the Rubric of Ahrimanperhaps one of the greatest works of sorcery in history, would ultimately result in his banishment from the Legion he had hoped to safeguard. He remains a wanderer across the galaxy, forever seeking out any knowledge that will allow him to finally grasp the greatest of all enigmas in the galaxy -- the true nature of Tzeentch himself.

Across a thousand worlds, Ahriman has sought the keys to save what he has already destroyed. The scars of his obsession have made his name a curse in the mouths of humans and aliens alike. Scraps of lore, artefacts both obscure and profane, and rare souls draw him like a raven to a corpse. To the Aeldari, he is the carrion scribe who eats the souls of their dying race for secrets, to the Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus he is the lightning rod which brings a storm of daemonsamongst the servants of Chaos he is a flame of power and trickery as likely to burn those drawn to his light as to illuminate them.

A master of subtle manipulation, Ahriman has seeded cults on a hundred worlds, and bent the desires of the powerful to achieve his ends. With conspiracies and plots spread across the galaxy, he coils between them, a puppet master pulling invisible strings. He knows the true names of daemons, and possesses pacts which can bring armies flocking to his call. Worlds have burned at his command, billions have fallen to the hunger of the Warp, and reality has bled at the fury of his power.

Ahriman refuses to acknowledge either Tzeentch or Chaos itself as his master. Across the ensuing millennia he has become a scourge of the Imperium, raiding ancient museums, librarium, scholaria and reclusia, places of learning, religion and contemplative thought.

ahriman 40k datasheet

He seeks to acquire artefacts, data, or even persons he believes can lead him to master the way of the sorcerer. He fosters Chaos Cults on dozens of worlds at a time, providing the cults' magi with sorcerous power until such time as they have acquired some antiquarian trinket or satisfied another of Ahriman's demands before turning the wrath of his Thousand Sons' warband of Chaos Space Marines, the Prodigal Sonsupon them and seizing all they have for himself.

Ahzek Ahriman was born on Terra in the 30th Millennium, among the wealthy techno-barbarian tribes of the Achaemenid Empire whose kings had allied with the Emperor of Mankind during the Unification Wars that reunited the Earth under the new government of the Imperium of Man. Because of this early political alliance, Ahriman's tribes were largely spared the horrors of the atomic wars and proto-Astartes invasions of the Unification Wars period.

Following the Emperor's victory and Terra 's alliance with the Mechanicum of Mars to forge the Imperium, Ahriman and his twin brother Ohrmuzd were selected to be inducted into the ranks of the Astartes Legions. Ahriman fought alongside the Emperor and the other Space Marine Legions at the start of the Great Crusadebut five years into the expedition the Astartes of the Thousand Sons Legion began manifesting psychic abilities, and with these manifestations began the flesh-changes.

Terrible mutations gripped the entire Legion, as countless warriors succumbed and fell to the metamorphoses, many becoming hideous mutants who had to be euthanised by their fellows. Over time, the mutational problem within the Legion grew so severe that many voices throughout the Imperium began suggesting that the Thousand Sons be disbanded as they had become hopelessly genetically tainted.

How to paint Thousand Sons Rubric Marines.

Ahriman even lost his own twin brother Ohrmuzd to the effects of the mutations, which instilled within the young Astartes a terrible fear of mutation and a willingness to do anything to stop it from afflicting his remaining Battle-Brothers.

In tribute to his own beloved sibling, Ahriman had Ohrmuzd's prized pendant, a keepsake from their mother just like the one Ahriman wore, worked into the shoulder-guard of his Power Armour. Eventually the Great Crusade reached the world of Prosperoand the discovery of the Primarch Magnus the Redthe Thousand Sons' genetic progenitor, could not have come soon enough.

The discovery of their sire marked a turning point in the fortunes of the Thousand Sons Legion, for Magnus was able to seemingly cure the mutational effects of his genetic material and the devastation they had wrought upon his Legion.

However, Magnus sacrificed much in order to achieve this victory, including the loss of his eye in the effort, which involved bargains with the Ruinous Powers of the Warp to gain the knowledge required to halt the mutations. Little is known about Ahriman's exploits during the Great Crusade.

Additionally, Ahriman was seconded by the Thousand Sons for 5 Terran years to the Word Bearers Legion, which he found to be an uncomfortable experience because of the Word Bearers' insistence on worshipping the Emperor of Mankind as a divine being in violation of the tenets of the Imperial Truth.

Magnus the Red

Despite this, Ahriman still managed to strike up a friendship with the Word Bearers' Chaplain Erebus. Ahriman is also one of the few Astartes from this period who was publicly supportive of the Emperor's initiative to require civilian Remembrancers to record the exploits of the Astartes Legions and the other Imperial forces during the Great Crusade, as he hoped that an accurate record of the Thousand Sons' exploits would teach the wider Imperium to no longer be afraid of or prejudiced against psykers or the use of psychic powers.

Ahzek Ahriman before the Horus Heresy. The earliest surviving mention of an Ahzek Ahriman in Imperial records occurred during the Aghrou Campaign in the final years of the Great Crusade's second century, a standard action of that time in which a pre-industrial human world was brought into Imperial Compliance by the 28th Expeditionary Fleet, with aid from a contingent of the Space Wolves Legion.

Ahriman risked his Primarch Magnus the Red 's wrath when he lead a search team in pursuit of the Primarch after Magnus had made himself absent from his Legion, despite Magnus' prior insistence that he was not to be disturbed under any circumstances.

This incident represented the first time that Ahriman was known to have mistrusted the judgement of his Primarch and then acted contrary to his expressed desires. It would not be the last. Towards the end of the Aghrou Campaign, when a contingent of Space Wolves Astartes arrived to convey a message to Magnus from their own Primarch Leman RussAhriman found fellowship with the Space Wolf Rune Priest Othere Wyrdmakeduring which he shared information on the Thousand Sons' psychic disciplines in what he thought was a meeting of convivial Brother Astartes, but which later proved treacherous when the Space Wolves used this conversation against the Thousand Sons' position in favour of supporting continued use of the psychic arts at the Council of Nikaea.

Ahriman's relationship with the Rune Priest proved useful when both the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons were forced to engage in combat with alien "weaponforms" similar to Imperial Titans and the daemons of the Warp before leaving Aghoru.Only through this struggle, can any advancement occur. Magnus thought he would be able to control the Great Ocean of psychic energy that was the Warp; however, his prodigious and careless application of his psychic gifts eventually caused him to fall out of favour with his father, the Emperor of Mankindas well as with the majority of his brother Primarchs.

His psychic immaturity, recklessness, and arrogance also caused his own undoing, as it eventually brought about his own damnation and eternal servitude to the Dark God of Change, Tzeentch.

He survived those events and ascended to the position of a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch as a reward for his service to the Changer of Ways. He has spent the majority of the ten millennia since the end of the Horus Heresy ensconced atop his tower upon the Planet of the Sorcerers within the Eye of Terrorplanning the ultimate destruction of the Imperium he believes betrayed him and his Legion.

Magnus' greatest grudge, however, is with the Space Marines of the Space Wolveswho he holds accountable for the destruction of his homeworld of Prospero and the corruption of his Legion during the early days of the Horus Heresy.

Magnus the Red during the Great Crusade. While all the Emperor's sons were transcendent beings, forged not just of physical matter but of psychic force, in some this quality channelled into superhuman physicality, but others held the power to manipulate the Warp either directly or subconsciously as prophetic foresight, preternatural stealth or an aura of majesty beyond the mere mortal.

But above all his brothers, Magnus the Red was the most numinous, a psyker of prodigious power. It is said that alone amongst the Primarchs, Magnus met the Emperor in the Realm Beyond long before they met in the flesh. Magnus' very essence boiled with psychic potential, to the extent that his physical form seems likely to be more matter of will, or a reflection of a deep spiritual imprint than a mere physical constraint, and those who fell under his cyclopean gaze would feel their thoughts and substance to be no more opaque than glass, and their innermost secrets laid open beneath the Crimson King's stare.

In battle, Magnus the Red fought like a mythical god; fire wreathed him and followed in his wake like a burning cloak, and solid matter was unmade with a gesture. Armies of mere mortals, powerless before him, would fall to their knees, weeping as their nightmares danced before their eyes.

It was said that the paths of the future were laid bare before him and no artifice or subtlety of warcraft could deceive the Primarch of the Thousand Sons. Such power, though, came at the price of suspicion and fear, even by those who called him brother. But destruction and war was only a means to an end for Magnus. Possessed of a supreme intelligence and a hunger for knowledge, he saw himself and his Astartes Legion as creators of the future.

Others might think of themselves as working for the betterment of Mankind, even of being bearers of the Imperium's ideals, however Magnus saw another path. To him the Great Crusadeand each step on its bloody path, was a step from the darkness of ignorance into the light of reason and knowledge.

Beyond this he also saw a second ascension, that from the mundane confines of the human mind to the transcendent potential of a psychic race. It was his obsession and belief which drove him to achieve all that he did, and also that which would claim him and his Legion for a future of damnation.

Magnus was unique among the Primarchs in that he remembered his origin and creation as a gene-son of the Emperor -- and possessed a form of psychic communication with his father even during his gestation. Magnus' development of tremendous psychic talent may thus have been planned by the Emperor, as an intentional attribute engineered within his genetic structure.

After the Ruinous Powers intervened to scatter the Primarchs, still in their gestation capsules, across the galaxy through the Warp, Magnus found himself on the remote colony world of Prospero. Prospero was a planet that had been settled by a large population of human psykers who possessed the mutant ability to wield the potent psychic energies of the Warp.

They had chosen Prospero for its inaccessibility, as they were generally shunned, feared, and often persecuted by "normal" humans on many worlds across the galaxy since the last days of the Dark Age of Technology. When the gestation capsule bearing the infant Magnus fell from the skies, it was like a portentous comet.

His capsule landed in the central plaza of the planet's only settlement of note, Tizca, the City of Light. Magnus became a ward of the psychic scholars and leaders of Prospero, and quickly developed psychic powers similar to their own.Ahriman has a participated in some pretty significant events in the Warhammer 40, universe and each edition of the game has brought new rules for him. If you are interested to see what he is capable of in the 8th edition of 40k, read on and learn why you should or should not use Ahriman in your army.

For the sake of brevity, this article assumes that you understand the mechanics of the Psychic Phase in 40k so be sure to read up on them! For the sake of brevity, this article assumes that you understand the mechanics of the Psychic Phase in 40k.

Be sure to read up on them! We will look at the disc later. Ahriman follows the typical Age of Sigmar or, if you wish, New 40k design model of having named characters be boosted versions of generic HQ types. There are a few rules that he shares with Exalted Sorcerers and a few things that are upgrades. Lord of the Thousand Sons: You can re-roll Invulnerable saving throws of 1 made for friendly Thousand Sons Infantry units within 6" of this model.

People are already debating whether or not this applies to Ahriman as well as his buddies. My opinion is yes, but talk to your group. Ahriman can attempt to manifest three psychic powers in each friendly Psychic Phase, and attempt to deny three psychic powers in each enemy Psychic Phase.

Ahriman will likely be your Warlord in a small game of under pts. However, if you are playing with multiple detachments and might have something like Abaddon or Kairos Fateweaver, this could change Inspiring Leader: Friendly units within 6" of the Warlord can add 1 to their Leadership characteristic. For someone who should be using 3 Psychic Powers per turn, it's very important that you have mitigation for Perils of the Warp. Nice to know! That said, it makes sense to take another Exalted Sorcerer in the list for better board coverage thanks to "Lord of the Thousand Sons," which the Exalted Sorcerer also has!

Why Take Ahriman Instead of Magnus? It can do a measly pathetic attack, which is better than nothing I suppose, and can trigger Death to the False Emperor on a 6 so that's cool I guess.Welcome to the rules section of Warhammer 40, — a guide to playing games in the war-torn galaxy of the Dark Millennium. As well as including the core rules for engaging in tabletop warfare with your miniatures, this section is packed with different ways to enjoy games of Warhammer 40, crammed with inspiration and brimming with battles.

C ore Rules. A dvanced Rules.

Ahzek Ahriman

O pen Play. N arrative Play. M atched Play. B attle-forged Armies. Core Rules Start here! These rules show you how to moveuse psychic powersshootcharge and fight with your models — basically everything you need to start waging miniature war! They provide the key mechanics for everything from foot-slogging infantry to gigantic monsters and armour-clad war machines, allowing you to quickly build up from your first few simple games to grand spectacles of all-out war.

Wherever you go with your games, the core rules will provide the foundation you need to get started, and be your constant gaming companion. This will build a great grounding for what comes after. Advanced Rules At its heart, Warhammer 40, is a game that pits one army of warriors against another in tabletop conflict to the death. Beyond that core premise, it is a hobby of vast and thrilling variation that allows you to depict everything from breakneck aerial dogfights and orbital drop-assaults to war across hostile alien environments between multiple different armies at once and close-run battles through the war-torn streets of an Imperial hive — all encompassed by the advanced rules.

Whether you choose to introduce any advanced rules to your games, or even combine several different aspects in a single game, all of these optional mechanics build upon the core rules — they add to or provide variation on the core rules, rather than requiring you to learn a whole new game system! From huge multiplayer battles and sprawling siegesto campaigns fought over strange alien worlds, the advanced rules will provide you with exciting new gaming experiences to suit whatever type of game you want to play for years to come.

Open Play The first of the three distinct ways to play Warhammer 40, open play is the most free-form and adaptable. It can be as simple or as complex as you like — you can literally just pick any Citadel Miniatures you have and start playing.

Whether this leads to titanic clashes between huge armies that last entire weekends, or desperate and dramatic battles against the odds, the emphasis in open play is firmly on playing a fun wargame with whatever parts of your collections you wish, in whatever fashion you so choose.

This section also contains a selection of story hooks, to use as inspiration for your games.

ahriman 40k datasheet

With a little prior thought and discussion, your Warhammer 40, battles can take on a thrilling, story-driven aspect, transcending the simple rules of the game and becoming something altogether more dramatic and involving.

Desperate last stands, vendettas between mighty heroes, courageous rescue missions and endless other characterful conflicts can easily be brought to life on the tabletop in an open play game. Open play is also an ideal way of gaming when you have multiple players who want to get involved in a battle all at once. Allowing for all kinds of variation in terms of team gaming, outnumbered players fighting against the odds, or whatever other scenario you can envision, this section provides you with the help you need to get the most out of your multiplayer games.Welcome to Warhammer 40, the thrilling hobby of tabletop wargaming!

This is your gateway into the grim darkness of the far future, where mighty armies clash across war-torn worlds, and the bloodthirsty forces of Chaos strive to overthrow the Imperium of Mankind. Following the events of the Gathering Storm, the story of the Dark Millennium continues to evolve, with enemies new and ancient emerging across the galaxy. Get ready for the best Warhammer 40, campaign book, ever:. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

New to Warhammer 40, Welcome to Warhammer 40, the thrilling hobby of tabletop wargaming! Start Here. The Dark Millennium Following the events of the Gathering Storm, the story of the Dark Millennium continues to evolve, with enemies new and ancient emerging across the galaxy.

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